Thursday, August 30, 2012

What Will Sandusky Serve??

Question of the day, what will Sandusky serve?  I have been feeling lately as if this whole pedophile problem which plagues PA has lately been getting swept under the rug.  Now I read that the state is asking the judge (which one, Idk) to reclassify this monster as a sexually violent predator.  So, my other question is, does this mean that this worthless vermin WON'T spend the reminder of his days here incarcerated???  Does this mean that the pedophile sympathizers which run this state (as many are sitting judges) will let this piece of worthless shit out????

Wake me when Yellowstone erupts, for I simply cannot take, not a single more win for the bad guys.  Not anymore, and not again.

May Godbless all of those affected and harmed by the vermin pedophiles which plague the earth and let us find hope and salvation in the fact the God does witness it all.  Even if we don't feel like we win here, we surely will win on the otherside.

"No Bullet's Can Stop Us Now......"


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Penn State's Accreditation in Jeopardy

Now, I can assure you many will feel that for Penn State's accreditation to be in jeopardy because of the Sandusky case, is unjust, however, from what I know, and from just how many of their alumni have been a part of keeping these secret pedophile rings afloat and a secret, I DO feel that it would be just.

From what I have found, many of the people who are in positions of power within the state, such as sitting judges, DA's, they are all alumni of Penn State.  THUS, many that I know of personally, helped perpetrate and cover up this satanic epidemic.

I feel it would be beyond a good thing if Penn State were to lose their accreditation (although it is highly doubtful they will).  And, it would hit them where it hurts.  In their beloved state Uni, in the wallet, in their pride and above all, it would most certainly now, effect their positions.    Because remember, this is a club which we are not privy to, and it must be dismantled.  The End.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Just As I Thought To Call It A DAY>...

This little Gem popped up on my screen, and BOY does it make me smile again.....

Sandusy was sharing his victim's with other high rollers.  Now, of course I am not happy about THAT......but what I am happy about is, if you've been reading my blog, well, we've long known that this was a truth.  So, THAT is what I am gleemingly (made it up) happy about.

Ah, what will it be like when the mighty fall......

***Might I add....this "breaking news" story,which is even on Radaronline, isn't even on the online news channel's for our area.  Maybe "the truth" (that the most perverse live HERE) is hitting a bit too close, eh?

On a different, but possibly same note, there was also an article which stuck out to me too.  IT was about the drastic surge in kids committing suicide in Delaware.  Now here's the thing.  The people who I know who are at the heart of this Penn State pedo ring ish, ALSO are huge real estate stock holders in DE (hence why our attorney said pick any state to leave to except DE). my concern is, how do we know that these kids haven't as well been used as sex objects for the rich.  You've got to remember, these men entice them with gifts and money, being their friends, and before they know it, the kids OWE them.  And how do they pay, with their bodies.  These men care nothing of these kids, or of any of their victims, all they care about is their own sick perversions.

I'm not saying it's a definitive link, but there's enough links for this connection to be looked into.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Score For Team Good!!

Well, THIS was Great news to come across on my phone as I was about to hit the tread.  :) :) :)

Another International child-porn sex ring has been uncovered.  It's being called, Operation Holitna, after a river in Alaska with MANY tributaries by ICE, because as they said, it's like a sweater being unraveled.  One arrest leads to another and so on and so forth.

THE BEST thing about this article, aside from these child rapist's going about the lengths the ICE agents are going to in order to identify the children.  Such as, examining the room, with the carpet, and bed spread, AND narrowing what day it was by what episode was on the tv in the background.  GODBLESS them.  Seriously, their dedication and perseverance makes me get teary eyed and I'm not even joking.  Because THEY ARE saving children's lives.

The fucked up thing though, and regardless of what people will say, is that if we were to get truthful, inherent racism has certainly played a role in this disgusting reality.  And I say that because look at all of the men's pictures who have been arrested so far.  YUP!  White and thus, hiding IN PLAIN SITE.

ANyway....let's keep these busts coming, because as the article noted, there are more and more people creating, sharing and downloading this crap as each day progresses.  And yes, I do feel that also to blame is the desensitization everyone seems to have towards sex these days, via porn all over the internet.  For already perverse minds, that has certainly helped create this perverse problem of satanic proportions.

To the ICE agents.....keep on rocking.  With each save your halo glows a bit brighter. :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wow....Just, Wow

Now I was told a few weeks ago, (before I gave it over to God) and I was crying to an absolute stranger to me about my family's plight, when she looked at me and said, "Hang tight.  Investigations are being done.  And here, in this county."  I did believe her because usually, whenever I share our story, I am either laughed at  -yes, LAUGHED at, or shushed up and the convo is changed immediately.  So for this woman to not bat an eye, look me dead in the face and tell me to just hang on and hold tight, was albeit uplifting, but also shocking.  And also when my local pd heard that my child's rapist was free and why he was set free, and that my own attorney advised us to leave the state before the end of our pfa as, "there's no winning for us here," they shook their head in disgust, disbelief, made sure to let me know they did everything within their power to do what was right (which I do know) and said, "well I can't tell you what's going on, but there are things going on behind the scenes."

Now, I was going to take down this blog because truth be told, I am going to write about this one day and don't want anyone to jack "our story," but I guess I should just "draft" those posts, because I just saw THIS on the front page of our local paper.

I know and have known since 2010 definitively that the Sandusky sh*t was Just the tip of the iceberg. I also know that one of THE most profitable pimps, child pornographer's lives and is from this county (he pays for EVERYTHING for my child's rapist.....including the family judge on our case, and it seems the head of judges as well).  He isn't the A-typical black pimp, but a clean cut (but still ABSOLUTELY SICKENING) white man, who has lived in this closed community of a county his whole life.

I know he is trafficking humans.  He also traffics illegal drugs and not to mention, he also set's up people for marriage for green cards (my child's rapist married a woman to get her a green card....and lied about even being married, under oath, to which I proved to the court, and like everything else he has done, with this being the least cringe-worthy, nothing was done).

I pray the authorities bust the shit out of all of these men, and women who are supporting AND PROTECTING this man and his cronies.  As most of them took on jobs to where they PURPORTED to protect the community but are doing quite the opposite of just that.  Not only serving up kids, to the wealthy for sex, but they are also making a mockery of those who ARE doing their jobs, like the local police departments, and children and youth employee's.

I can tell you, if you ARE looking for help from a situation like this, AVOID any and all things in the City of Lancaster.  That includes the cops, the YWCA, the DA office, and the majority of the court (not all judges have been bought......but some of the most powerful).  Seek help from the smaller police departments.  They will help you.  Seek help from children and youth.....but this smug idea that Lancaster is a beacon of Christian and conservative values, No way JOSE.  I am truly both, and I can assure you I wouldn't EVER treat anyone, regardless of marital status, financial stature, race, religion, etc the way I as a single mother of a victim have been treated, nor how other Hispanic single parents have been treated (witnessed with my own eyes).  As they way we were treated was purely Satanism at it's finest.  Forcing a parent to hand their kids over to their rapists, even with ALL the proper proof that it was no longer an acceptable measure IS nothing more then pimping from behind the bench AND Satanism at it's Core.

Godbless the kids, Godbless the parents who are fighting tooth and nail to protect those kids, and Godbless those who are in the proper positions of authority who are finally willing to put their own asses on the line to rid the other powerful and sick people from their now, unwarranted positions of authority.